from a thrifted children's book. this was the best illustration - what an expression! what do you think the rabbit is saying to the horse??


bunny swoon in anthro

so i'm setting about recreating this rad bunny necklace. today i found some bakelight buttons for eyes, nose and even some teeth. still need ears and whiskers (and maybe that head/eyebrow piece) - will check mum's treasure chest.

the dottie angel challenge has been so successful thus far in curbing my shopping (i was only in anthro for inspiration! really!) except that it has turbo-charged my thrifting. i have been a thrifting mofo, a thrifting beast the last week. mostly crafty supplies but also vintage cuties that can't be left behind. too many for me and my little house! i will finally have to list some on etsy, i think....



it's always tempting this time of year to rush around decorating and cleaning and trying to be "productive." as the weather feels brisk, so do i. a simpler life is what i am going for though, yessir. not too many decorations, projects, or rabbits. lagom (swedish for "just enough, not too much") is my mantra.