sunday with papa and sherlock

i enjoyed a sherlock holmes-fest last sunday with my da.. something i haven't done since i was much smaller.

and even caught a glimpse of that elusive hell-hound of the baskervilles!


sweater is coming along..

i'm trying to be good this week, but i could not pass up these incredible antique boots (thrifted!)! they are so Me that i'm sure i wore them in a past life. i just need to add buttons back to the sides!!


little cans of sunshine

even though they look a bit more more like true blood, that's what sarah calls canned tomatoes in the dead of winter. she gave us canning lessons the other evening and although it took about six hours to can forty pounds of tomatoes, it wasn't as difficult as i expected from reading canning books. it's the kind of thing much better taught in person, among friends and stories and coffee breaks.

these adventures in cutting, roasting, peeling, mushing, sterilizing and pressurizing was about the most productivity i've known in a good while. i did have to get my house in order before my oldest bff came to visit last week (so fun!!) and then, i also finished up the last lesson of ragtime before she came. so maybe i haven't been as lame as it seems. but the little boxes are not getting checked lately! and now, i'm off to visit mum on wednesday and that means it will be difficult to list things on etsy or prepare for our handmade market over the next week.

all i really want to do is curl up in bed and read knitting mysteries (finished death by cashmere last night, and started died in the wool this morning), and then move to the fire and knit a little of the new sweater i've started (i treated myself to a rowan book and yarn. it's thrilling so far).

maybe it's the nesting season. or hormones. maybe i'm just lazy. or maybe it's that i can't get my freaking meds paid for by insurance, and my fatigue is always out of control when i don't have my meds. it's definitely not that i don't have the spark, or don't enjoy what i'm doing, because i do!

maybe i'll start listing my goals here rather than my accomplishments, at least sometimes, to help me get on track.
1. get copies made and insurance papers mailed out (tomorrow)
2. take photos for new 'smoking section' of etsy shoppe (tomorrow)
3. meet with sarah to decide on vendors for handmade market and get emails sent (tomorrow)
4. groom three bunnies (tomorrow)
5. list around 10 new items on etsy (11/10 to 11/17)

6. figure out tags, banner, postcards and display for handmade market (while at mum's, 11/10 to 11/17)
7. crafty craft for handmade market (11/18 to 12/3)
8. figure out winter plan for hotel and turn on gas (before 12/4)
9. work on grant stuff for hubby (before christmas maybe?)
10. eventually must deal with looming question, to quit or not to quit (grad school). or try that other thing that one professor suggested (afraid to mention yet and no clue at this point but i stress on it daily)...

whew! i know there's more, but that's all i can think. anyone else having these issues, or any words of wisdom to share??


Owl for Eva

One of my sheroes loved my last barn owl, and I made this one thinking of her. I hope they connect. I do love the idea of crafting animal spirits and familiars.