a little antiquing

some of my favourites of the day out with mum..
although the only one of these i brought home was the good shepherd.
which was irresistable at $10
i also got a vintage hat with a large black bird on it.  
will have to show you that soon!


thank you, deanna!

finally found scrim not at the close-by Hancock's 
(that was one of the places i visited the other day and had no luck), 
but at the one across town, they had it, and half price!
so i bought enough to last me a good while.
unless i get scrim-happy.
also found some perle cotton, milliner's needles and cotton tape!
thank you for the tip, dear Deanna!


i scrim, you scrim

two fabric stores in a major city, with lots of lovelies, 
but no scrim, and no-one who's even heard of scrim!
they pointed me to tulle.
i compared it to cheesecloth, but last time i bought scrim
(at one of these very same fabric stores) 
i really think it was somewhat different from cheesecloth.  
i have a couple of different cheesecloths in the stash somewhere
 that i could dig out and play with.
but i think i'll order some scrim online and see..
what do you think, is it the same or different?
and why so hard to find?


grey girls

same ole late-afternoon squall.
our old hounds have terrible thunderstorm anxiety, so we drug them and curl up together..
sometimes i have a little something for relaxation myself.
seems a good time to be doing the august break over here...
i did it a few years ago and it was renewing.  
i'll be traveling and posting pics, 
and amusing myself with snapseed,  
and trying to keep up with Karen Ruane's embellishment class..
i love her work, but i'm soo enthralled by her voice!  i could (do) listen to her for hours.

if you miss me, go listen to Namaste Farms blog talk radio --
i'll be the co-host for august!!


a long time coming

three months worth of alvin's hare,
together with some shreds of lace and wrapped in silk
 came and went quickly in the shop today
thank you to my very patient customers and friends!!