miss hadley

yesterday started innocently enough, as you saw... then i went to run a few little errands with hub, and he got thirsty, so we stopped at burger king a few towns away to get him a tea (he likes their tea...). and in the drive-through, we saw a scrawny grey kitty, who looked right at me and spoke to me. we got her a fish sandwich and i fed her out of my hand. she wasn't feral, just skin and bones and need. and i scooped her up and took her away.

i don't go around picking up animals in drive-thrus, not normally. i used to, and then learned i just couldn't keep on. it usually doesn't turn out so well. in this case, i could not take the kitty home because my dogs would not have it, but now... now i have the hotel!

even though she was demanding at burger-king, she was a little wary of the car-ride, and then shy when we first got to the hotel..

but it didn't take long to lure her out, poor hungry girl..

and then she loved and climbed on me for almost four hours...

hub went and got her some food, litter, toys, and a little collar...

so now she is settled at the hadley, and my sweet studio-mates agree that a studio-kitty is exactly what has been missing from our lives. so we named her miss hadley (or maybe hadley queen, we'll see..) today she is talking, basking in the sun, lounging on the sofas, getting ready for her vet visit, and (i hope) learning about the litter box..

i am so happy to have kitty love in my life again.


sunday random

as much as i love being a hermit, i'm so enjoying a number of collaborative projects these days.. it must be my time to work together closely with friends... sometimes it's odd because i am not used to being accountable to anyone any more, but it is enlivening too to feel part of things again.

i hope you all have seen our giveaway on ragtime?! please enter if you are being shy! join our pyjama party!!

i've been reading and learning and working on the garden, but the tick situation here is really off-putting right now. the other morning i came in from filling water buckets with at least 100 seed ticks on me. seed ticks are the worst little fuckers ever. how am i supposed to get on with my farming and homesteading plans for fall?

so while i'd like to be playing outside in the cooler temps, today i am content to look out the windows and do some stitching. also very worried about my papa who is still in the hospital, with a tumor.. no real news yet but lots of phone and worry.


moth-wing necklaces

i made these moth-wing pendants a month or so ago, but hadn't found the right chain for them. then i wore one around on yarn the other day and it was actually comfy to wear. i spun the yarn from a very soft, nice merino-base batt from the lovely faun. soon to be in my shop with the yarn chokers..


Ragtime Unveiling!!

Mathyld & I are thrilled – and just a tad nervous -
to finally unveil our little secret :
Together we started Ragtime. Part e-course, part secret club.

Rendez-vous now on our new blog !

And be sure to visit it again soon, for we'll be hosting a giveaway there tout de suite!


and moi...

x - x - x

Mathyld & moi sommes ravies – et juste un rien nerveuses -
à l’idée de vous dévoiler notre secret :
Ensemble nous avons lancé Ragtime. Moitié cours-online, moitié club-secret.

Rendez-vous dès maintenant sur notre nouveau blog !

Et soyez sur de repasser par là-bas, car un concours pourrait bien y avoir lieu, très bientôt !



Oh, Vita!

i rarely seem to do inspiration posts, not sure why... but i've long been enamored of vita sackville-west. it started with those boots. and her style that got even more fabulous as she aged. i imagine anyone called vita is bound to be amazing... even my determination to garden might be related to her...

donning some boots and finding my hoe now.



preparations underway

for ragtime! a project i've been working on under the pyramids with mathyld. deets soon, promise!

and then, here at the hadley, we are getting ready to construct the base of a giant insect out of raid and other poison boxes, which seem to be plentiful around here (tick country and all). then tomorrow night we are finishing it during the art walk. i've never done a collaborative sort of installation thingy, so i have a fair amount of anxiety going into it, so i may go into photo-documentarian mode. but it should be fun!


boulette, enfin!

just in time for dear mathyld's birthday, a finished portrait of her galahad. let's just hope he doesn't get stuck in customs!

he took me so long, this wee one! not the stitching itself, just sitting with him and trying to channel chinchilla. i've never known one in person, and i'm told they do not stay still for more than two seconds. and they jump really high. and they talk (or at least this one does).


feathering the nest

every day, around the birdie water cooler, feathers abound..

little lurch is growing up!

this is from day-before-yesterday

and this is from this morning. there is even a tiny speckled feather from one of the guineas.

i have to remember to get the nice ones before it rains. coming soon, feather crafts!


yesterday's stitching.

today's stitching from Drucilla Pettibone on Vimeo.

i've been trying to take tutorial videos, for super secret project with mathyld! i haven't figured out yet how to flip the video (it's backwards..)

i think narcissa the turkey wants to join the sewing circle.


mum found this old quilt at a sale. i love it a lot lot. it's in rough shape, but i can't possibly cut it. could you?



discovered quite possibly the coolest place in existence right up the road in greensboro. a museum housed in an old thrift store. but it was closed today and i could only gaze longingly in the windows. *must* return and soon.