miss hadley

yesterday started innocently enough, as you saw... then i went to run a few little errands with hub, and he got thirsty, so we stopped at burger king a few towns away to get him a tea (he likes their tea...). and in the drive-through, we saw a scrawny grey kitty, who looked right at me and spoke to me. we got her a fish sandwich and i fed her out of my hand. she wasn't feral, just skin and bones and need. and i scooped her up and took her away.

i don't go around picking up animals in drive-thrus, not normally. i used to, and then learned i just couldn't keep on. it usually doesn't turn out so well. in this case, i could not take the kitty home because my dogs would not have it, but now... now i have the hotel!

even though she was demanding at burger-king, she was a little wary of the car-ride, and then shy when we first got to the hotel..

but it didn't take long to lure her out, poor hungry girl..

and then she loved and climbed on me for almost four hours...

hub went and got her some food, litter, toys, and a little collar...

so now she is settled at the hadley, and my sweet studio-mates agree that a studio-kitty is exactly what has been missing from our lives. so we named her miss hadley (or maybe hadley queen, we'll see..) today she is talking, basking in the sun, lounging on the sofas, getting ready for her vet visit, and (i hope) learning about the litter box..

i am so happy to have kitty love in my life again.


  1. I've got happy tears in my eyes for Miss Hadley. I'm so glad you found each other.

  2. So happy for you, too !
    Harley Queen is sending cat's kisses to Hadley Queen <3
    She is so lovely ...

    Also, I can't help but laughing at the fact that Rocky loves BK's tea ... I will not repeat that to Miss Maple (or will I ?)
    x x x

  3. thank you both! i've got happy tears too.. she is attached to my leg right now!

    mathyld, it is funny about BK tea ... but our choices are not great. we desperately need a ms. maple here!!!

  4. Your post made my day, you are my hero! She is such a sweet little animal friend, lucky you! We also rescued a desperate little cat 6 weeks ago from the streets who was the skinniest living animal I'd ever seen. She is the sweetest little thing ever and hangs out with me in my workroom all day! I don't know how people can not help when they see this. Thanks for the wonderful post! Jenny

  5. what a sweet kitty!! i bet she is glad she found you. :) and thanks for finding my blog... glad you like dulcina!! :D i absolutely adore your blog and your work!! those moth necklaces are fantastic....love the magical, romantic feel. xoxo

  6. Thank you for sharing this rescue story about Miss Hadley. She's so sweet and seems very happy to be with you! My girls, Devi and Kali, send her nose kisses and a big kiss for you, too!

    I'm so glad I found your blog through Susannah Conway's August Break. I look forward to spending more time here!

  7. what a lovely story jere! I'm a little bit teary. every studio certainly needs a kitty.

  8. what a sweet little lovebug. Rescues make the bestest of kitties.