wouldn't you know

that the wood under the roof tiles isn't looking too good.
so we're told we need a new roof
i guess we'll have to go forward, although 
i loved that patina on the old slate roof
but it is 60 or so years old, i guess it's tired
and been leaking for a long while.
so, on we go!

our guy is replacing the roof, the plumbing, 
fixing the ceilings and walls
and repairing the hardwood floors.
should be done by the time i get back from atlanta!
and then we'll paint and see what else needs doing.


we found our person!

i'm so relieved that we finally have found someone to fix the roof!!
and he can do everything else too, apparently!
thank the Goddess for the recommendations of friends.

there's this strange ceramic part of the chimney
i wonder what went missing?!
i guess in the short term i'll cover it with a plant...
but it seems like it needs a coat of arms, or something architectural and grand..

there are two beautiful big black walnut trees

one in front and one in back

and this little workshop, with electricity
where Rocky will put his woodshop
and in the lean-to area, i think that'll be where we keep the feed.

here's the back of the girl.  a funny face :)
i love that stump right in the middle.
work on the roof starts thursday!
and then we'll work our way down.



i feel like the Starlings are following me.  even though
they are probably just going about their business.
so i had to make a bird.
not fancy iridescent fabric for my first bird though.
just a little bird, looking at me.  

we're still trying to find some help on the house.
we're starting with the roof, and 
the first couple of people don't seem like the right fit.  
but i have another lead i'm working on...

we've had a couple of mishaps.  when i had the water turned on,
it sprayed everywhere in the mudroom from the washer hookup!
everywhere, out into the room, onto the windows, down the side of the house
it was cray-cray.
but some pliers and a few turns later, it was off.  

and it turns out the copper gas pipes were stripped!
by some needy soul.  
so they have to be re-installed.  
so still, no hot water because it's gas.
and for some reason, no water to the upstairs.
that has us scratching our (collective) heads.
more mysteries to be revealed.


13 acres

this is what the land looks like..

 this is that tree in the middle of the old well-house
it's an evergreen (obvs) and full of berries!
anyone know what kind it is?

and this is one of three sisters out in the pasture
Sarah thought it looked like an apple tree
anyone else? 

and this is the old barn.  i think it'll do just fine for the bunnies
and the lean-to will be good shelter for the donks and sheepies.
hub thought it might fall over, but i figure it's been here a while.

and we found this old trunk in the barn, how exciting!
this isn't who we bought from.  i love picking in general, but from our own land is the best.
i think we'll use it as a coffee table. 

and the sand!!  the sand is so weird!!  
this area of NC is called the Sandhills, but i'm so shocked to see it everywhere
at least we won't have so much mud and muck like here
i do love drainage.