13 acres

this is what the land looks like..

 this is that tree in the middle of the old well-house
it's an evergreen (obvs) and full of berries!
anyone know what kind it is?

and this is one of three sisters out in the pasture
Sarah thought it looked like an apple tree
anyone else? 

and this is the old barn.  i think it'll do just fine for the bunnies
and the lean-to will be good shelter for the donks and sheepies.
hub thought it might fall over, but i figure it's been here a while.

and we found this old trunk in the barn, how exciting!
this isn't who we bought from.  i love picking in general, but from our own land is the best.
i think we'll use it as a coffee table. 

and the sand!!  the sand is so weird!!  
this area of NC is called the Sandhills, but i'm so shocked to see it everywhere
at least we won't have so much mud and muck like here
i do love drainage.


  1. Looks fantastic Dru! Really. Sand. How'd that get there? The sea is far away! The planet changes! OMG! Weeeeee! That chest is really cool. YOu are giong to have such a time reinventing yourself there! What a blessing.

    1. it's a strip of ancient beach dunes!!!!! and evidence of a different coastline! i looked it up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandhills_(Carolina)

      reinvention is going to include cooking!! can't wait to see you for imbolc xxoo

  2. i love these beautiful blue-moody pics of the land. so timeless. xo

  3. congrats on the new place...and happy drainage, too!

  4. it looks so peaceful! loving the first photo. the big plant looks to me like heavenly bamboo

  5. The tree in the middle of the well house looks like an elderberry tree to me. Little purple berries? Lots of them in bunches? Such a lovely home, I know you will enjoy it very much.

    1. i so hope it is elderberry! there are some down the road, so i'll compare. i didn't realize they would be green this time of year!! thanks so much for letting me know :D