She's Ours

So, we did it!
I had cold feet on the way to the bank, I'm not sure why!
Since the sellers did their thing on Friday,
our part of the closing took all of 15 minutes, or maybe 10.
We got lots of new keys.

We went to the house and the Buick was gone!
Which is a Good Thing, since we had no title or clue.
And then we opened door after door and looked
and looked ...
and looked around.
We were so awed that I couldn't bring myself to snap pics, you know?
but gawsh She needs a lot of work!

I put my special violet vase in the window.
Lit sage.
And then started ripping up lineoleum to see what they were hiding!
Yeah, some damage to the wood floors, but nothing so terrible.
And old, dark, kinda interesting tile in the kitchen.
I had planned on marmoleum
(look at all those awesome colours!) but then
I might just keep what's there.
I tend to do that.

(Pic from a previous, preliminary inspection!)

Back tomorrow to meet a heating & air dude,
and go to the waterworks and get that turned on.
And then Friday meeting a roofer!

And not-so-suddenly, I want to stitch again.


  1. Congrats!

  2. So, so happy for you! One day I hope to have a farm. I will live vicariously through you until then.

  3. oh, hooray! congrats and good wishes to you both... & wonderful about the stitching....so much to create!

  4. Sooooooo Coool! Can't wait to see the vase new home!

  5. If that's what your floors look like underneath, I'd tear off that lineoleum and leave then wood EXACTLY as you find it. It's gorgeous...stains, paint and all.

    1. Yeah! or sand it a tweensy then a coat or two of poly.

  6. If that's what your floors look like under that lineoleum, tear it all off and leave it as-is. They are gorgeous...colors and all.

    1. i tend to agree but there are some spots that are not soo appealing...

  7. yes, what Carol said! so excited for you! congrats!!! xo

  8. how exciting, a new home! congratulations

  9. Congratulations! I can't wait to see the progress on the house.