turkey day

this was the first day outside for the little turks, out from under the heat lamps into the big wide world. well, a protected turkey enclosure for now. we had quite the coming out party. i just soaked in the turkey joy as they dusted and sunned, stretched and climbed all over me.


settling in

we've been slowly moving in, cleaning, imagining and adjusting. it's taking me some time to get things set up and for all of us to decide what space to use as communal and what to save for other artists. ruby and i had the whole hotel to ourselves today. i was going to shopvac the upstairs but was too entranced with the lacy patterns in the cobwebs and paint chips. it only got a little spooky.

my trough runneth over

these pink blooming vines are everywhere right now. they look like small climbing roses, but they are scattered in random patches in the woods. anyone know what they are, or if i can get them to climb my old iron archway?

one of my embroideries was accepted for the upcoming show called "from the tongue" curated by joetta maue. i was jumping around most of the day yesterday yelling "i'm an ARtist, i'm an ARtist" in the most obnoxious way. i've never been able to say that before without feeling silly. and today it just seems unreal. it's great for this to happen while we're just beginning this hotel adventure.


i got this lace at an estate sale today along with some other fabric. i thought it was just a remnant, but it turned out to be a jacket! and it fits!

random randomness. but i've always wanted to make a lamb cake.

love the flared sleeves..

i didn't buy this impressive lady, but i had to snap a quick pic. look at her gorgeous muff and hat!

this needlepoint pillow looks like mum.

how could i resist these bunny baby booties? one is bigger than the other!


Going veg, again

found this funny little plate today and it kinda broke my heart. click to read the message.


i've discovered smoothie love thanks to mathyld! my own strawberry seeds didn't grow, but at least the csa is taking care of us. i wish i could do better with gardening. the second pic is of my own poor, stunted tomato seedlings. and below, a lush urban dye garden that is a few doors down from the hotel. i just received woad seeds in the mail from milkweed chicago on etsy that i'm going to try at home. woad is supposed to be the easiest plant to grow, let's hope i can manage it!


thrift scores

i took some pics planning to list a few of my thrift scores on etsy, but then decided i couldn't bear to part with anything!

today was just busy moving, moving, moving, trying to stay cool, and bunny haircuts.


the hotel, heaven

it's officially ours, and there's a whole universe in there. yesterday was full of gasps and sighs and laughter. lots more on my flickr!

tailspun yarn

i've been working on making tailspun yarn from georgie's gorgeous fleece. i'm imagining a sleeveless (or cap-sleeved) sweater with locks hanging out all over to channel my inner sheep.