turkey day

this was the first day outside for the little turks, out from under the heat lamps into the big wide world. well, a protected turkey enclosure for now. we had quite the coming out party. i just soaked in the turkey joy as they dusted and sunned, stretched and climbed all over me.


  1. Haha ! I love how curious the other animals look :D
    And my, they're all grown-up now !
    x x x

  2. Oh I'm sure they are happy to be outdoors...wow they have grown. How many do you have? We never really figured out a good way to keep our one indoors at night. We put him in our chicken house at times but he resisted and stopped going in. He was a funny character though and hung out by the house with our German Shepherd Molly. It was a funny sight.

  3. there are four little turks - and they still have a lot of growing to do! it's surprising how social they are = not at all scared of people or animal visitors! they seem comforted by our presences too. i've heard of turkeys and dogs bonding - that sounds so cool!