settling in

we've been slowly moving in, cleaning, imagining and adjusting. it's taking me some time to get things set up and for all of us to decide what space to use as communal and what to save for other artists. ruby and i had the whole hotel to ourselves today. i was going to shopvac the upstairs but was too entranced with the lacy patterns in the cobwebs and paint chips. it only got a little spooky.


  1. Aaaarg ! That wall colour is just perfect !
    And your chair is so beautiful it aches.

    I so wish I could be part of this wonderful project ... Oh, to imagine this ...

    x x x

  2. ha! mathyld, you are part of it! from the very beginning when i told you we were going to look at this decrepit hotel but that i was definitely NOT going to rent it!

    funny about that chair, it has been broken a few times but i will not let it go!!

  3. oh my... the lacey web moves when it is in my peripheral! I love the posts about the hotel... :)

  4. mine too! i wish i could wear them .. and that the ghosts would help us clean and renovate.. so nice for you to visit me here, dani! more hotel pics soon, i promise.