i finally finished blocking my dogwood shawl, just in time for this cool weather. all handspun and handknitted by yours truly. i wasn't so sure about the mohair trim when i was knitting it, but i love how it turned out. it's a snuggly blanket, shawl and skirt all in one. i think knitting books might be like cookbooks in that you tend to like most patterns (recipes) in a book or none. weekend knitting is my favorite so far.

there are many changes and adjustments afoot - hub's new business venture, which is taking sooooo much time - and my newly-committed writing schedule - ack. i thought of a new approach to writing that might actually work - to take everything i've ever written on this subject and smoosh it into a diss. why not? i had a different plan, and i've had trouble letting go of it, but it obviously isn't working out so well. i'm excited but unsure, as per usual.

but just for today, i am going to luxuriate in this new fall weather with faulkner, blueberry bushes, and alpaca fleece.


world's most beautiful sock pattern ever, made with the world's most beautiful yarn ever, for the world's most beautiful mother, ever

also preliminarily committing to the dottie angel utmost challenge, but with the following exceptions for things which i will try to get vintage, thrifted or handcrafted, but i may still go for new:

-yarn and wool and spinning/knitting/crafty supplies and necessaries
-critter care needs
-books, although i'll get what i can from the library
-bpal (although i believe this is all handmade)
-auto parts
-hub's needs/wants although i'll try to guilt encourage him
-am testing this out for a couple of days to make sure i don't need more exceptions
It's Officially On!!


ms. ruby

i took the sheepie plunge!

This is Georgie and Gabbie, Shetland lambs born this past spring. He's grey Katmoget (that's the pattern) and she is black with a brown spot on one side! He's been banded, and she's got an underbite, which makes them absolutely perfect for my pet and wooly purposes.

There's Georgie again, and Greta who is a little more shy than the other two. Greta is the coveted color known as Mioget, and she is just a tiny bit cow-hocked. Did I already say that I adore these sheep? They are all settling in, and only seemed a little freaked when they met the Chihuahua. Good thing that sweet feed is such a powerful motivator, because I want my sheep to let me hug them and all.


today vegetables ... tomorrow the world

There in the moonlight, as the music filtered through the air, sat the bunny, his eyes intense and staring, an unearthly aura about them.

"Now, this is the part you won't believe," Chester said to me, "but as I watched, his lips parted in a hideous smile, and where a rabbit's buck teeth should have been, two little pointed fangs glistened."