i finally finished blocking my dogwood shawl, just in time for this cool weather. all handspun and handknitted by yours truly. i wasn't so sure about the mohair trim when i was knitting it, but i love how it turned out. it's a snuggly blanket, shawl and skirt all in one. i think knitting books might be like cookbooks in that you tend to like most patterns (recipes) in a book or none. weekend knitting is my favorite so far.

there are many changes and adjustments afoot - hub's new business venture, which is taking sooooo much time - and my newly-committed writing schedule - ack. i thought of a new approach to writing that might actually work - to take everything i've ever written on this subject and smoosh it into a diss. why not? i had a different plan, and i've had trouble letting go of it, but it obviously isn't working out so well. i'm excited but unsure, as per usual.

but just for today, i am going to luxuriate in this new fall weather with faulkner, blueberry bushes, and alpaca fleece.


  1. The shawl is beautiful. Good plan re:dissertation smoosh ahead and get it over with. It's kinda like being in the 10th month of pregnancy these dissertations.

  2. this is stunning! inspiring me to scoop up a copy of weekend knits! love the colors in your handspun as always!