American Ghost

Or, "So much for possum living." Well, not quite. I'm committed to half-possuming, but...

We (me and other artists) are renting a decrepit Victorian hotel! We will have art studios, shows, parties, and adventures. I cannot wait to get into the upstairs, which has been locked and untouched *for 100 years*. I promise that if you come back, I will show and tell you all about it.

I could not be more scared or more excited.

It's appropriate that my dear friend is editing a new collection called American Ghost. Any poets out there?


  1. What a terrific looking space - that balcony looks like the place to be with a cool drink on a warm day. It will be great to see this new place take shape!

  2. Wow Jere this is wonderful news!!! I whish i could join you in this inspirational adventure...

  3. Utterly perfect !
    I can't wait to see all about the upstairs, as you're already well aware !
    My spiritual form will be there with you when you decide to go investigate ...

    How I wish I could rent it with you ...
    x x x

  4. I can't wait to hear about it.

  5. thanks everyone! i can't wait either. the landlord went out of town for the weekend, but we are meeting him and picking up keys on tuesday!!! i'm glad you will all be there with me in spirit.