fascinating over possum living

Thanks to Teen Angster, I've discovered Possum Living. I've been toying with the concept of homesteading for years now, but never could quite embrace a number of aspects of the lifestyle. It just seemed so, well, hard. I'm not a morning person, and serious manual labor just doesn't appeal after a while. But Dolly Freed's concept of possum living makes it all sound so effortless. I've been reading the book (isn't it ironic that it's available on Kindle and I can buy and read it on my iPhone at 2am?) and her blog since last night, and I'm hooked, obsessing over ways to grow and make the things we need.

I'm not so good with frugality, and my desire for the simple life usually seems to entail spending more money at cool places like Lehman's. But I was just facing the prospect of finding another job, and imagining commuting, and I'm really not wanting to. I want to make another way.

I want a rewarding life, but I don't want to work very hard. Dolly made that seem ok, and possible, and easy. She says, "we'll get that Protestant Work Ethic monkey off your back." Let's get to it! I have a *lot* to learn and will need tons of help. Wish me luck!


  1. i am fascinated too! wow. i have to get the book... maybe at my library.

  2. hi cal, thanks for stopping by! a lot of dolly's ideas are online on her blog and the documentary. i'm hoping to implement some of her money-saving strategies (although not the turtle soup) and i'll post about what works and what doesn't... if you read it, let me know what you think!