i feel like the Starlings are following me.  even though
they are probably just going about their business.
so i had to make a bird.
not fancy iridescent fabric for my first bird though.
just a little bird, looking at me.  

we're still trying to find some help on the house.
we're starting with the roof, and 
the first couple of people don't seem like the right fit.  
but i have another lead i'm working on...

we've had a couple of mishaps.  when i had the water turned on,
it sprayed everywhere in the mudroom from the washer hookup!
everywhere, out into the room, onto the windows, down the side of the house
it was cray-cray.
but some pliers and a few turns later, it was off.  

and it turns out the copper gas pipes were stripped!
by some needy soul.  
so they have to be re-installed.  
so still, no hot water because it's gas.
and for some reason, no water to the upstairs.
that has us scratching our (collective) heads.
more mysteries to be revealed.


  1. such an inquisitive, earnest, sweet face!
    sending good wishes to you and your water.

    1. thank you c! i think he's kinda cute too :) xxo

  2. Oooooo! I'm loving your curious bird. Is she wondering where her flock is? I hope more appear! We had a small murder of crows up in an oak the other day. I watched them. It was a meeting. Some chatting going on. And clucking. Some leaving then returning. Like they needed a coffee break. Or to go check on something real quick. I wonder if you have ravens down there. Some have appear recently in Hillsborough. Tim heard one down by the river.

  3. Love this bird! And wow the water thing... that is cray-cray. I'd have done the palm to the forehead, walk away thing. I'm not always good at attacking that stuff head on. Sometimes I need escape before I can face going in to clean it up :)

  4. I have been reading your last posts and following your exploration of the new house. What an adventure! It will take time, and effort, and work, but in the end you will have such an enchanting place to live, shaped on your taste and concept of comfort. You will create a place that will be unique, good luck!

  5. What a lovely, curious bird! I love his golden eyes. It's good to be back on Blogger and catching up with your work, Drucilla.