we found our person!

i'm so relieved that we finally have found someone to fix the roof!!
and he can do everything else too, apparently!
thank the Goddess for the recommendations of friends.

there's this strange ceramic part of the chimney
i wonder what went missing?!
i guess in the short term i'll cover it with a plant...
but it seems like it needs a coat of arms, or something architectural and grand..

there are two beautiful big black walnut trees

one in front and one in back

and this little workshop, with electricity
where Rocky will put his woodshop
and in the lean-to area, i think that'll be where we keep the feed.

here's the back of the girl.  a funny face :)
i love that stump right in the middle.
work on the roof starts thursday!
and then we'll work our way down.


  1. what a lovely house; good luck with all the repairs and restauration!

  2. Oh this is exciting! New homes have so much potential.

  3. great news! the journey begins... xo

  4. Hooray! I love the arch door! So sweet!

  5. i kinda like that patchwork chimney repair & what a glorious tree!