moth-wing necklaces

i made these moth-wing pendants a month or so ago, but hadn't found the right chain for them. then i wore one around on yarn the other day and it was actually comfy to wear. i spun the yarn from a very soft, nice merino-base batt from the lovely faun. soon to be in my shop with the yarn chokers..


  1. I love them, Drucilla !
    They look very Victorian and perfect for Autumn, with these russet colours. Foxy !
    x x x

  2. oh my! they are DIVINE! i think the yarn chains are perfect. and so is the cracked (windowsill?) background. and please, at some point will you show us the rest of whatever you are wearing in the second photo? i have a feeling i might cry with joy when i see it!

  3. these are absolutely beautiful dru! lovely lovely lovely!

  4. thank you all! i have some butterfly ones in the works... the big yellow ones that are everywhere right now and keep getting stuck in my car antennae!

    cal, that is just a ratty thrifted t-shirt, although it does have a pretty neck.. i'll take a pic for you soon!