a little antiquing

some of my favourites of the day out with mum..
although the only one of these i brought home was the good shepherd.
which was irresistable at $10
i also got a vintage hat with a large black bird on it.  
will have to show you that soon!


  1. i'll say! plus, he has invisible sheep!

  2. Hey Dru...maybe I'm on the slow side but What the heck were those Pee Dabs??? And what a name for a product! Ha! I had an old sewing machine like that once upon a time. Before we moved back to CA, my ex, thinking it didn't work, Threw It Away!!! When I discovered this I was not the happy wifey! All it needed was a new belt. I used the table it had sat in with my new-old (1950's) machine for years! Still used that machine, sold the table. I used to LOve Love LOve antiquing back in the day :)

    1. we had no clue what the pee dabs were! i was hoping someone could help id them! too bad about your machine... is that why your ex is ex?! ;) i liked how they had these sitting as decor, they are such lovely objects, at least they can still be enjoyed.

    2. I just used google and images of a machine where you could buy pee dabs came up. It was called a condom dispenser and was for sale by Mecum's auction in 2011. Also there was a story about using urine dabs to keep your skin looking young. Also a story about boys who played marbles and the pee dabs had some sort of function inside the circle used for their marbles game.
      If you feel like doing some creative writing, see what you can do to include the term using it how you want!
      I came to your blog because I'm considering signing up for your Craftsy class and I've spent waaayyy too much time wondering around looking at links and reading some of your posts. Best wishes and thanks for taking the time to blog - and for all the cool stuff you share!

  3. Sounds like you had a great day with your mom. I was so intrigued with what the heck "pee dabs" were that I googled it. Among many listings was an auction for the Pee Dab Condom machine (same photo on the machine). It had a reserve of $150 maybe you should have bought up all the boxes instead of the Good Shepard.

  4. love these! I have a few antique sewing machines...they are so beautiful and I keep meaning to try them out.

  5. May I please roll around on that "Good Shepherd"? Wait, I duuno if that sounds right. But what I mean to say is that: I LOVE THAT THING! Black satin + Jesus. Like chocolate and peanut butter, rivers and tractor tubes, rings and fingers.

  6. ahh i do love me some antiquing, thanks for sharing your finds, makes me want to rush out with shopping trolley in hand, love the shepherd especially, what a steal!

  7. Oh those sewing machines! I learned to sew with one of them that belonged to my grandmother. The nmachine is still working and in use, I wonder if in 100 years my Pfaff will still be performing!