a midlife crisis of seemingly epic proportions

as told through a hair-story.
the first pic shows poor mum combing out my beaver tail.
i'd been flirting with the idea of dreads.
she took care of that.
and then she took me to the salon for a root treatment.
last shot is without filter for truest colour.
i do not care if this is shallow.  it's the best i've got right now.


  1. Your hair looks great! The color is perfect, all shaded and natural looking.

  2. my hair and i know how you feel, or at least pretty close.
    love your mum's expression.

  3. your hair looks beautiful!
    I think dreads may come easier to those with very textured hair
    but i don't know as my hair is much like yours and I've admired but never attempted them!

  4. you rock it, Dru! looks fantastic. xo

  5. yep i have finally abandoned the idea of dreads too dru. never having had will now officially become a life long regret!

  6. Ah, I have often considered dreads, but I can't because of my job. When I retire, I will grow old disgracefully, with dreads, and guitar in hand, I will smoke weed all day and swear like a trooper. In the meantime, I am prefectly respectable, with highlights just like yours! :)

  7. End result = beautiful.
    As a little girl who hated having my hair combed out, I was deliriously happy when they came out with that 'No More Tears' hair product! My mother called it a "rat's nest"!!!

  8. Rootin and a tootin! This mid-life aint so bad! Fact: Midnight crisis aint so bad either.

  9. I used to think that if I knew the world was going to end, I'd start me some dreads and go buy a pack of cigarettes. After about 20 years, that thinking is mostly gone, but ya never know. Your hair is gorgeous. xo

  10. thank you all for the hair compliments! sounds like we'll all have dreads when we get older or ready for an apocalypse..