alvin, the taliesin

so in love with this being who is now sharing our environs. alvin.

almond delight is also magical, but slightly hostile. she lunges at my hands, grunts and pees in her food. i love her spunkiness, but i haven't had the nerve to ask her to pose for me yet.


  1. love your fluffy bunny! I've decided you deserve an award- I've just been given a Liebster Blog award, and I'm paying it foward to you. Check it out: http://colored-thread.blogspot.com/2011/12/awards...
    then choose 5 more blogs if you'd like. These things are a little chain-lettery, but it's kind of fun.

  2. i just want to squish him! (in a friendly way)

  3. Great little friend! Lovely shots

  4. Oh my GOD, he is beautiful! And the photos of him... just luscious. Amazing how much it makes one "feel" the softness and beauty of his fur. Gorgeous photos.