gauntlets of bunny

this is my favourite pair so far. this is called chocolate and it's from from my waldorf. the extra-furry parts are corespun with the tips left sticking out. these haven't been worn yet or had a chance to "bloom", so i'm looking forward to see the wild furriness after they are broken in, in california. yep, i'm spreading around the bunny medicine. and gauntlets always remind me of wonder-woman power!

i've been thinking a lot about what i'm doing, and what i'm doing. you know, whether there's a purpose to my life and work other than making myself happy and making pretty things. i read so many artists who are working hard to brighten someone's day and inspire others. or to express their spiritual purpose or raise consciousness... lots of things. i'm not sure what my deal is. i know i'm all about the critters, and about the histories of crafts, like spinning. beyond the pleasures of fiber work, those seem to be my main motivators. is this enough though, is this the life i want? i thought it was, but that was before living it. i feel pretty cut off from 'reality', whatever that is, most of the time.

which i love. i love my life. i've never been able to say that before the last few years. but i'm wondering... whether i need to give back, or more, or differently. i never loved teaching when i was in grad school, but it was rewarding.. and the stress of it had more to do with the subject (visual culture) than just being in that role. i wonder if i'd enjoy teaching something hands-on, or if i am just going to always be more comfy with a less social sort of existence. teaching is just one way to have a different sense of connection or purpose to my work. just what i'm chewing on these days.


  1. I think that honoring the history of stitching and fiber arts, and keeping that history alive and new... is very much giving back to the universe! You are an inspiration and I hope that no matter what other directions life takes you, that you always keep doing what you do :)

    Bunny love and hugs,
    ~Brandi Marie

  2. i think continuing the traditions of craft and animal keeping wrapped up in beauty, as you do, is an amazing gift to the world we live in. imagine a world full of happy contented productive people, what a different place it would be. today i'm imaging that we're not thirteen states apart, and we could teach together. oxo

  3. well you certainly are an inspiration to me. i used to teach grade school and loved it but there are many different ways to give back. and i'd say being an inspiration to others is one great way to give back. there's no telling how many lives you have touched with what you share here on your blog. if you're doing what you love, i'd say continue to do it.

  4. When you share your process of "making pretty things" as you said, You are the artist that is inspiring others and you're making other people happy. You are giving back in that way. I hope you don't mind what I wrote in describing your blog the other day (it seems like these ideas might be in response....). My little summary can not hold how great your work is. We make our own realities, and this peek into your reality is a respite for others with different realities. So keep doing the wonderful things you're doing!