i scrim, you scrim

two fabric stores in a major city, with lots of lovelies, 
but no scrim, and no-one who's even heard of scrim!
they pointed me to tulle.
i compared it to cheesecloth, but last time i bought scrim
(at one of these very same fabric stores) 
i really think it was somewhat different from cheesecloth.  
i have a couple of different cheesecloths in the stash somewhere
 that i could dig out and play with.
but i think i'll order some scrim online and see..
what do you think, is it the same or different?
and why so hard to find?


  1. it is very different from cheesecloth, and one can't find it because theater is dead and has been tjis age. google teatrical supply houses, there's probably still one in ny/la/chi, maybe even sf...

  2. http://www.studio-productions-inc.com/set_home.html

  3. scrim is what we used for stage sets, it worked a magic trick w/the lights. is it the same as the harem cloth that jude told us about? i've found it at big stores, mixed in w/the interfacing, but you have to find someone who knows all the things-often a problem at the big stores.

    1. i'd love to know if it's the same as harem cloth. i have the idea that it's not quite the same.

  4. Yes and no, as to is it the same as cheesecloth...same basic weave structure but cheese cloth is much cheesier (no pun intended). Scrim although airy and see through is a firmer cloth. You can definitely buy it online and you can even get it on Etsy, but a bit more expensive.

  5. I used to purchase it from the UK off eBay

  6. I've purchased it from the UK off etsy and eBay

  7. yes...very different. i am able to get scrim at hancock fabrics. they are also online at hancockfabrics.com. i buy cheesecloth, which is a much looser weave, at the supermarket or at the craft store in packages. i have a picture of both somewhere to compare. i'll e-mail it to you if i can find it.

  8. ...hello dearie!
    first off ~ LOVE ~ your new bloggidy blog! (ah, hello ~ bunnies, even your tiny bunny head in the web address bar ~ toooo cute!!)

    now about the scrim vs. cheesecloth thing...
    i have been around fabrics for as long as i can remember
    i studied textiles in college and was a fabric store manager for toooo long ~ lol (which btw, store clerks today, truly do NOT know enough about their wares, which is very frustrating when seeking for exactly what you want ~ you know it exsits!)
    i say all that because i feel that there indeed IS a diff between the two. here's my 2 cents:
    cheesecloth: well, it was made to help in the process of cheese making, so the fibers are cotton (food safe) and an open weave so to speak that will shift and move quite easily.
    great for cheese making, squeesing and straining fruits for jams/jellies and making halloween ghosts and some textural, mixed media applications.
    scrim: can be found in cotton and flax (my fav when you can find it!)
    has a more balanced weave, still open and airy, but sturdier. used alot in theatre, for back drops and magical, fairy like settings
    (need i say more??!!)
    the diff between the cheesecloth and scrim, is like silk sari vs. silk dupioni
    both have a silk quality, luminous and gossamer like, but one is just a better quality.
    sorry if this is just to much info, i'm pretty passionate when it comes to my materials!!

    love the bolts of lace pic:)

    1. so nice to hear from you rosemary! and thanks for the compliments on the bloggidy... and for this wonderful detailed explanation! this really helps me understand the fabrics.

  9. thank you all for so much helpful info!! i love that i can ask here and get so much input!! <3

  10. wow.....I could have happily spent hours in those shops.

  11. i found mine at Sirs Fabrics