elsewhere, with my best old pal (that's her, hiding in the confessional).


  1. Is that all in the same place ?!
    I want to go there ! All these books and well coordinated / organised fabrics ...
    It looks like you had a reaaally nice time, I'm glad !
    x x x

  2. Oh I had Heard of this Place but I lost the name somewhere in the back of My Mind! I have always wanted to go there! Tell me more of what you think of that place. How are your chores going by the way? Still checking things off the list?

  3. yes, it's all the same place - a huge and gorgeous old building with three levels. the upper floors are where artists live and work ... these are all taken in the first floor museum/ex-thrift/art installation/homage with kitchen and gathering spaces.

    it's probably the most bizarre place i've ever been! so many crannies to examine, and you can play with everything but buy nothing... they offer residencies and even paid fellowships to textile artists so maybe we should all meet up there!!

    (oh perpetua, i need to blog about how things are coming along with my work ... i've been kind of bad, but i had some good excuses although i can't remember what they are at the moment. thank you for asking!! i need to be kept on task...)