Owl for Eva

One of my sheroes loved my last barn owl, and I made this one thinking of her. I hope they connect. I do love the idea of crafting animal spirits and familiars.


  1. Oh you clever girl! I like how he is perched on the edge of the trim like that. Good idea. Takes you out of the actual thread/cloth/scrap and Into The Whole.
    His shape is good too---do you sketch it out before hand or do you let it "Happen"?

  2. Wonderful image and beautiful stitching. I came to visit this time via my friend Betsy Greer - do you know her too? She linked to you on Facebook.

  3. perpetua, i usually draw it out first, and then i feel more free to play within the lines ;) i love that you say Into The Whole - i feel like that's been what's missing for me with embroidery, or at least one thing missing..

    heather, i do know betsy greer and admire her a lot.. thanks for visiting, come back soon!

  4. Happened to pass by here and wanted to stop and tell you how much I adore your owl. The piecing you have done on the body is quite wonderful and as the other poster mentioned, the perch, well, it is perfect...as if he'd landed on an old iron gate...

    Eva is lucky :>]

  5. I had to come back and look around. Help, I am hypnotized by this blog of yours.