1. Du talar lite Svenska?

    :-) My great-grandmother was from Sundsvall & I was raised by a couple of her sisters. I've taken a year of the language and hope/plan to go further with that, maybe in 2009... I've never been to Europe, though. One day!

  2. Hey, I'm finally back online. This is a funny coincidence. My first view of your blog in a while is this compartmentized display case. I have two leaning against the wall. They've been there since I gave them to the boys for Christmas two years ago. My original plan was to put Eli's fishing lures in one and some other undecided Johnny-type thing in the other. I've considered painting little scenes for the back of each unit. Anyway, just the other day, I was thinking of e-mailing you a photo of them to see if you had any suggestion as to what I should do with them...

  3. hi nat, it figures that you're swedish since you're sooo gorgeous! i don't speak any swedish at all - although i picked up "god jul." learning would be a fun new project though :)

    hi mad! that is a weird coincidence. my mom's kitchen is full of those - literally, on every wall. i'll have to post some more pics.