points of not-so-general interest

-my new young rooster has started to crow!

-i am not sure where to hang the trio of cat clocks i've had since i was a child. my dad gave them to me when i was 3 or so and they still work! they are the kind where the eyes and the tails move. they are adorable, but they all require plugs. pics will follow when i hang them.

-it is supposed to get quite cold tonight and i can feel the temp dropping. very cosy knowing there's a huge stack of wood on the porch.

-still have not put together the new kitchen island. it's laying in pieces and boxes on the floor.

-we broke down and put down a glue trap yesterday after seeing a mouse in the kitchen. some of you know about my previous issues with rat infestation, so my tolerance for rodents is nil. the poor mouse lasted about 3 hours and then the glue trap (with mouse) was in idgie's mouth. sad but necessary, i guess. can't think about it too long.

-the invisible fence we installed recently for the hounds is working incredibly well. much better than when i tried it when they were pups. the chickens literally dance right outside their fenceline and it drives the hounds crazy, but they don't cross it.

-there's a fellowship i need to apply for, and i need to get my advisor my statement asap so she can get her letter written in time. i keep thinking i'll feel like doing this, but now three days have passed and i mustmustmust get it done.

-i have felt fluish last night and all day.

-i went through all my books yesterday, a huge undertaking. the criteria for keeping were if i would ever read the book again, use it for reference, it was a beautiful object, or was given to me by someone important. also might veto a book if it had been chewed on by rats. i got rid of about half my books, in 16 boxes. i hope i won't regret it, but i am so into having less crap. i categorized the rest into: farming, crafts, art/media/film, religion/celtic stuff, southern studies, literature, on writing, old yearbooks, kids books, series (like HP etc.), psychoanalysis (why i'm keeping so much freud, i have no clue), anthropology, dogs, other animals.


  1. I can hear mice in my house right now. I think they've gotten braver, having a mouse party right under the noses of my two big lazy dogs who sleep through it all. Stella would go after them if she ever noticed - never catch any of course. She's too tall and gangly, moves like a school bus on stilts. Rocky, he's not afraid of anything - except things that squeak.

    Have you tried this?

    You can modify as desired. Farmers used to fill the buckets with water so the mice would drown. I take them live to a nearby park where they probably end up being food for cats and coyotes.

    One got out of the bag I was carrying it in, inside my car. Next day I found it frozen in the cup tray in the front seat. Well, I tried. I suppose now his siblings have come to wreak their revenge.

  2. ingenious sort of mousetrap! this might just work. i'd much rather free the little mices. thanks :)