um, so, ok, i did something minorly productive today. i did a crappy draft of my fellowship application. there's lots more to do, i mean, it is not good. i'm so tired of describing my work to people rather than just doing it. it would do me a world of good, i bet, to just write the damn diss. but what's the hurry? who needs fame, or fortune, or a tenure-track job - what would i do with it?! hee.

i did finally get warm today, after getting properly attired. wool, wool and polarfleece that had to be pulled out of the laundry. the water is frozen in two places.

my obsession with rabbits might be waning. did i forget to tell you about that? i've only got 300 websites bookmarked, and i'm on at least 10 rabbit listservs and as many message boards. my feedreader is chock full of rabbit blogs. what do you think i've been doing with my time? i have no idea why, but rabbits, they speak to me these days. am i kin to a prey animal? this whole thing started months ago, around the time of comps, and then with the necklace which i can't find, and now with the fantasy of an angora rabbitry. there's the thrill of new words, like agouti and kindling. ok, maybe it's not waning. but i haven't had good luck with rabbits in the past.

here's a little rabbit it a yuri norstein film:

part 2 of the cutest thing ever, here.

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