Very good and then very bad

Speaking of distraction, we went to Pet Supermarket last night to see what they had in the way of doghouses. The hounds, they just refuse a normal plastic house or dogloo, and Pet Supermarket had a suitable cedar doggie McMansion. I was surprised that they had live animals, and made a beeline for the bunnies, and cooed over one in particular. They had four bunnies at $25.99 each. Three were dwarf bunnies with short ears and one looked more like a wild rabbit. I have only focused on angoras and so don't know much about other breeds of domestic rabbits. I exercised great self-restraint though and did not bring home bunny.

When we got home though, I comforted myself with tea and ordering this much-coveted ring, which was supposed to be my Xmas gift from hub, but I felt guilty and so delayed finding my ring size, so he could not order. Last night, I went ahead and splurged, ordering it in the gunmetal. The pics are not great, but I'm assured that their work is amazing.

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