How (and who) to choose?

So here are the bunny options that have come up recently. The first three bunnies pictured are all from the same breeder - they are the pedigreed Satins I wrote about before. The first one, an ermine doe, is almost two years old. The little one is a tort buck (baby!) and the third a young fawn doe. They are supposed to be show-quality rabbits, which isn't a big deal except that I do want well-bred bunnies to the extent it means health, good temperament and amazing fiber. If I am going to raise rabbits, I also want as much help as I can get, because I'll inevitably have to place some sooner or later. They are supposed to be a trio that can be foundation rabbits. They are all related but not too closely and good lines. They may not produce my favorite colors as often though - I'm told to expect torts, creams, and fawns/reds. But they're probably all I'll need to raise wonderful Satin angoras and have all the colors to make the things I'm planning. But they aren't available till early March, and they would be picked up at a rabbit show, which means a road trip.

The other two are local buns, and they're being sold as pets/woolers without pedigrees. The mom is three years old and reputedly very friendly and a great mother. For most people, it sounds like three is a little old to get a doe. I love those colors, whatever they are. I am still having trouble correctly identifying bunny colors. One pic said chocolate agouti and the other said copper. I love the colors that look like wild rabbits, but some variety would be nice for yarn, and white is always good for dying. The owner can see me Monday and answer questions, but she had a personal emergency and couldn't really talk until then. One issue though is that the son and the mom are currently housed together (she is short on cage space), so the mom may be bred back to the son. That is probably not unusual (it isn't with dogs), but I wasn't planning on babies so soon. I wanted to get to know my bunnies and make sure I'm ready for that first. I could bring them home Monday, just two days off, and it would help them out since the owner needs space. I could go and see them and could make a much better decision, but then we know it's all over.

So, even though I want them all, I need to choose. I want to be very, very smart and careful with this. Bunnies live a pretty long time, so I need to be sure. With goats and dogs, I have tended to rush in and then get overwhelmed. Trying my best to avoid that this time. So with all this I think I've answered my question. But if anyone has any thoughts or advice, please weigh in!

Update: Turns out the local bunnies have pedigrees after all! I was mixed-up, between an ad on Ravelry and this person's website. I will go meet them on Monday.


  1. Jere I'm a satin angora bunny lover too. Your options are lovely! I can share some tips on raising them. I will add that they can be fussy and have found there is an art to raising them. If you want to chat via email...try me at blueheron@twinvalley.net

  2. Thanks Denise! I'll definitely hit you up. I think there is an art to most animal care, and some are more difficult than others. I have a lot to learn, but it is exciting. btw, I'm totally jealous you went to Pluckyfluff Harveyville. Can't wait to see you post some of your art yarns!

  3. Hi Jere, Good luck in your decision making about the satin angora. They are delightful creatures. I tend to think a 3 year old rabbit as NOT that old. If you would like to chat you can write me at: