Tonight I've been in touch with a breeder of Satin Angoras who has some bunnies available, and I may be able to meet up with her at a show in early March. I hadn't seriously considered going with Satins, but that's partly because I've had a hard enough time locating French locally, and I have no prior experience with Satins. But I remember thinking just the other day how nice it would be to have that glisten in my yarn. So now I'm excitedly researching and comparing French and Satin bunnies and fiber. There's just not that much info online. I know that Satins look a lot like French, but are maybe a little smaller, with possibly a slightly shorter and less dense coat, but with this marvelously reflective wool. It would be nice to see a range of bunnies, handle them, and compare, but ya know, once I make arrangements to meet up with her, there's no way I won't bring them home. I'm sure they'll be beautiful and I'll be gaga. She's sending me pics tomorrow, and I can't wait to see the ones she's described: an ermine doe, a chocolate doe, a broken fawn buck, and a chocolate tort kit (don't they just sound so yummy?!)

There's a spin night tomorrow that I was thinking of going, even though I don't know anyone there. I'm not sure if I'll brave it and deal with the awkwardness of going to someone's house, or maybe try to get to know the people online better first and go another time. I want to get out and meet some people, I just don't know about going alone, at night, and it's about 40 minutes away. Is that wimpy?

Of course, I should be writing.

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