Another day, another haircut

Has anyone seen Bunspace? I just don't know what to make of such a thing. I have not made profiles or blogs for my rabbits yet, although I guess it could happen. I resisted Facebook for the longest time.

And so the uber-cute blower I bought: the rabbits hate it. Poor Butch started to freaky freak when I turned it on. I kinda freaked too - the damn thing is LOUD. I guess I'm going to have to turn it on every day for a while and get us used to the sound. I started plucking Mr. Butch and partway through decided to switch to scissors. He didn't seem to mind either way, but the plucking seemed to take a lot longer, and I could see pink rabbit skin on his back, which didn't seem like a good thing. Even though the plucked fiber is longer and even more luscious, the cloud of satin I ended up with is quite a haul - and the little bun that was under all that fiber is the cutest.


  1. The pink skin is normal as long as its not raw or bleeding. It looks weird but it grows out. Most rabbits that aren't used to the blower freak out. I had one jump off the grooming table and scream like he was dying. Not.

  2. About the noise of the blower. You might try turning on the hair dryer first to get them used to noise? Also I have a workshop where I will set the blower some distance away from the buns (they are inside and the blower is outside) so the noise is not quite as loud. Baby steps is the key. They will get used to it and not freak out eventually. Good luck! You are doing a great job as bunny care taker.