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I applied for a summer fellowship, one that would be really perfect for me, and I just found out yesterday that I got it! I am pretty thrilled. It makes me excited for the first time in a long time about academia, and maybe almost even giddy enough to work on my dissertation. I guess it just gave me hope for an academic career, and some sense of connection to people who could help. I just feel like I need some advising, maybe more hand-holding, than my advisor or committee can give. Or maybe I just haven't known how to ask. Anyway, the fellowhship starts in June, and I have to say that if it weren't for all the extreme bullshit we went through last Fall, I wouldn't even have been in a position to apply, much less take it. It's a little strange how perfectly this has worked out.

Even weirder is the fact that one of the people in charge of the group giving this fellowship is also heavily involved in the House Rabbit Society. I didn't realize this about her, although I have read one of her other (anthropology) books, but she is a recognized expert in rabbit care and behavior. I got chills at the strange coincidence of this. My hub reminded me that the animal world is really quite small, but I just couldn't get over it. I'm hoping that I can speak with her during the fellowship and think through some of my many questions regarding rabbits.

And speaking of rabbits, I've been in a black hole of researching blowers and clippers. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to grooming and harvesting wool, and I've been trying to sort through everything and figure out what will work for me without going broke.

For now, I've decided to wait on the outdoor rabbitry or any breeding program. I'm busy enough with the four bunnies I have, plus those resources are being re-routed to barn construction, which could also house rabbits down the line. I need to get my donkeys home, and there's no need for a separate rabbitry right now. I like having them right close.

I learned that Prissy was also destined for the other side if I hadn't picked her up at the rabbit show. She is such a grand girl that it makes me sick and a little pissed. I am also wondering whether she's older than she was advertised since her breeder still hasn't provided me with the promised pedigree. Prissy had a bout with diarrhea soon after I brought her home, and when I wrote to the breeder with questions, she referred to her as an "elderly doe." I can't imagine that nearly two is elderly. Prissy's fine now and settling in well, and her age doesn't matter to me at all, except that it wouldn't be good to breed her if she's in fact "elderly."

I'm very interested in learning about rabbit husbandry, but I'm just completely unwilling to kill them, eat them, place them where they won't be cared for, or get overwhelmed with more of them than I can handle. I still believe that raising rabbits can be done well, good homes can be found, and that it can overall be a good thing even for the bunnies, but whether I can do it along with writing, etc., I dunno. This is just how it all started with the dogs, taking in everyone's culls. Some farmer I am.

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  1. Congrats on the fellowship!

    Grooming tools need not be more than a small slicker brush, nail clippers (small dog size) and a couple of pairs of good, sharp scissors, one long, one short. That's all I've needed so far, and I won't be buying an expensive blower or clippers ;-)

    Angoras have been around since the 1700s, and they certainly didn't have fancy equipment then!