I went to visit the donks today - they are being cared for by a friend temporarily while I'm in transition. I was bothered though because they look so scrawny. I know they are being well cared-for, or at least I'm pretty sure. They are staying with friends I've known for years, and who are much better at donkey care than me. But I am used to seeing them as wide as small cottages, and even though they needed to go on diets, I am worried. I thought they would be good there since they have new friends and so much room to run - and I'm told they are having a big time. Even still, I'm going to prioritize getting the new barn built and get them back home asap. They seemed glad to see me, especially Clem who was my bottle baby.


  1. I don't know donkeys but they do look kinda skinny. Did your friend tell you why they've lost so much weight?

  2. yah, they were concerned to explain to me how much they were being fed. donkeys are like dogs in that it's much healthier to be on the thin side than too fat. they also have a lot more room to run and so it makes sense that they would have a change in body type. their animals all look healthy, but i just hope it isn't anything related to the skyrocketing price of hay.