1. ooh-I like the stuffed bunny and you just gave me an idea. I have one from when I was a kid.

    How are your rabbits doing?

  2. the little stuffed bunny is so cute - i found him at a local flea market for $3. what is your idea?

    my bunz are doing well, i think. i got most of the mats off of cosset's behind, but she still has some terrible ones under her neck and back legs. i've tried to cut them away, but they are so close to the skin that i can't tell what is rabbit and what is not. i'm wondering if electric clippers are the way to go, and i've even entertained the idea of taking her to the vet and have her sedated and shaved, although that seems kind of extreme.

    and now she is so over me, she thumps and makes scared noises every time i pick her up. she was a very friendly rabbit, so i hate that this is making her hate me and i hope it doesn't damage our relationship long-term!

    i'm going to the mid-south angora show this weekend to look and learn all i can. i'm hoping to get some folks to show me how to hold a rabbit on its back and get those mats. the only thing is that i may end up with some more rabbits! my hub has your photos and is measuring out things for the rabbitry as we speak :)