Prissy's haircut

I was starting to worry that Prissy's lack of appetite wasn't due to stress or her age, but wool block. She eats and drinks, but not much, and so I figured I'd better get her coat off asap. I set up a nice little grooming station on my clothes dryer, where she could look out onto the yard, and smell spring and watch the chickens dusting and strutting. I just scissored her and it was much faster and easier than I expected. The only issue was that she wouldn't sit still and kept hopping back and forth and digging and climbing, which was fun, but at the end I held her on my lap. I was trying so hard to be careful that I didn't cut her close at all, and ended up with tons of second cuts, but still a huge bag of lovely cloudy white fluff. So I don't think I'll need or want clippers just for a typical shearing. The whole process took only maybe an hour! I got worried about her being cold in the night and ran out to check on her and either cover her up or bring her inside, but she seems perfectly fine and quite pleased with her new look.