getting a bath

I've been messing around with this skein of angora for a couple of days. I spun it from Junior's first haircut, which was all his baby fluff, and other matts and combings of agouti from various times that I stuck in that tupperware. I wanted something a little more durable than my last skein of (single) angora, so I figured I'd ply it with something, and I tried some vintage thread. I did all kinds of different wrapping - autowrapping, candy-striping, just wrapping the hell out of long sections, and also a lot of just plain wiggly plying. It worked ok except that with the shorter fibers, where there was some slippage when the angora would unwrap with the plying. And I just wasn't that thrilled with the overall (very grey) result - I am addicted to putting stuff in my yarn! So tonight I plied again, with more colorful threads, and added some vintage pearls and rhinestones. I made it way thick in sections with supercoils and granny stacks. So even though I tortured this poor yarn, it's cool-looking since in places it looks like bunny and in others kind of like chenille, plus it'll be a lot stronger than even two-plied angora. I'm glad to find a good use for all those little bits of fur that are flying around the house!

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  1. Good for you! It is beautiful. You will really accelerate your skills with Lexi, especially since you are already doing these techniques. I was a rank beginner at the novel ways of spinning...I didn't even know how to core spin. So my learning curve was steep.

    Isn't it cool to find a good use for your dust bunnies?