supposed to be working...


  1. Hi Jere, I need to email you sometime...I've had some random thoughts that I wanted to share. It's crazy for me. My kitty Maia is ill hope to get a dx today. Maybe she has swallowed yarn or fiber. I'm very worried. So will catch up sooner or later. I am loving your photography and what is that pretty white bundle you have to spin? Yarn school at the Harveyville Project happens this weekend. I wish I were going but the time is not right. be well PS: maybe you might be interested in yarn school sometime....very fun place to go

  2. Hi Denise! I'm so sorry about your kitty... hopefully it's something simple and she'll recover quickly. It's so upsetting when our loved ones are ill!

    I thought about the yarn school at Harveyville but we were planning on Maryland Sheep & Wool and thought that it would be too much travel. As it turned out, I was sick and couldn't leave town at the end of last week, which sucks. I would LOVE to go to Harveyville one of these days - what an amazing place. Maybe we can plan on next year.

    I'm so psyched about your kits and that you finally got your opal!

  3. Hey Jere, I'm not sure if they for sure are opal..but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. They are slow developing and Mom is the one who is now appearing to have sore teats and her belly all inflammed.