Here's last night's tour-de-fleece misadventure:

I love the little birds. They were an antiquey find from a mother's day spent with my mom. The ribbon is from an estate sale where my mom helped me dig through decades of mostly unappealing sewing notions that belonged to a doctor's wife. The wool is Shetland from a sheep named Rose Merta who lives at a local farm. Lately I'm getting so into Shetland wool, which comes in colors called Musket, Emsket, Mioget, and Shaela. I would have loved a fleece with a Gaelic name, but I picked Rose Merta's which turned out to be grey. But with black shading. It has adorable little locks that were too beautiful to disturb. I kept many of them intact them during carding and spun around them. I kept asking myself what embellishments could improve this fleece rather than take away from its beauty. What adornments would suit Rose Merta. Really, I would like to just wear her coat as-is. I am so enamored with Shetland sheep but I don't think they would do well in our woods.

That's Elderberry looking on at my yarnie antics. Maybe I can spin her a halter! I keep saying I'm gonna ride her down to the corner store for a strawberry ribbon sugar-free ice cream. One of these days, when her hips fill out a bit more, I will.

Taking yarn pics every afternoon has been one of the joys of summer so far. Today, we went to the cafeteria and I had baked spaghetti and salad bar. Then we strolled down to the PTA thrift store and I scored some vintage embroidery. Sometimes I think the hub and I are seniors in our middle-aged nubile bodies. This little town is a place time forgot, a modern Mayberry, even if someone recently tweeted that it had an unfavorable ratio of meth addiction to college degrees. But this summer, with its heat and fans and chicks and chiggers, and even panic attacks, I am feeling about ten.


  1. I think I've forgotten to tell you that I have been promised 2 ram lambs that are shetland and but I've never driven to Lawrence to pick them up. Naturally, I would geld them to keep peace and all and not have southdown/shetland crosses. Maybe I ought to do that this weekend while Charlie works on moving his building. I love your yarn... And I think riding Elderberry for ice cream sounds delightful..so it will be nice when her hips mend. Our neighbor bought a mule for his kids...she was supposed to be tame..but I won't tell you the rest of the story. I could write a book of country tales :-) but change the names to protect the innocent. Keep on spinning. I've been a poor representative of the Tour de Fleece. My focus is terrible.

  2. i think your focus is admirable! tdf is just for fun and inspiration. no need to spin just to spin! wool is precious and sometimes ideas need to percolate.

    sometimes the rush to have a finished yarn or FO among yarnies and knitters seems a little manic! i am trying not to get caught up in that, but to let myself enjoy. i'm definitely a process knitter!