i'm having such fun already with the tour-de-fleece. spun most of the day while watching three, actually 3 1/2 movies. it felt very much like a holiday, even with no pool. i weeded the garden early and it was fun, playing in the dirt and with the hose. after movie no. 1 we almost went out to eat and to the movies, even got dressed and headed down the bumpy driveway, past the partying neighbors, but i just wasn't into it so we turned around and came home and went back to spinning and movies. it was good because around 9pm the fireworks began and the hounds got very upset.

i'm amazed that as long as i remember to eat, i'm in a pretty good mood, which makes me wonder if my depression all these years has been food-related. the affirmations that i promised to do, they make me feel a bit silly, but they seem to be working as well. although i took my main affirmation from nietzsche rather than my stack of louise hay cards, which may be counter-productive. still, i love july.

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  1. Your yarns are lovely. Oh yeah, I can relate to food or lack of food and mood. It does indeed effect your brain. A psychotherapist who teaches biofeedback told me that you go to your mid brain when you are hungry or have low blood sugar. So indeed there is a physiological reason that effects your mood. I am prone to this also. Good to have nuts around for something quick in your system. I am out now but raw cashews are a favorite of mine...plus very good for you. Sounds like the 4th was good for you...keep on spinning :-)