oh, to want

have i told you yet about that vision i have of my house? the house i am going to grow old in, a grumpy and fierce old gal? i happened to see this house online last night - not needing a house, mind you, just looking for no reason - and this came up at a *really* good price about six miles from where we live now. but it's huge. a grand dame. and so i went for a little drive this afternoon. and it is in fact jaw-dropping and light-flooded, but also seriously in need of fixing in that grey gardens kind of way that would overwhelm me and my budget.. but oh! how i want!

lots more on my flickr.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my !
    I can totally see why you dream of this house ...
    It screams your name ... It even has "your colours" ...

    x x x