my dream sofa

right now, we don't have a sofa. well, i have a sofa in my studio but that's not at home. it's a great thrifted sofa, but doesn't fit in our little tv room, which is *tiny* and full of bookshelves. plus, i have been verging on militant in our new house that we not clutter it up like we did in the last house. i am a huge packrat, but i'm happier in just slightly more minimalist surroundings. but stillllll, who doesn't want to snuggle up on their sofa with a book or movie?? and like certain other bloggers, i have had my dream sofa in mind for ages.

and i've been inspired by back garage that a sofa *can* work in front of bookshelves. not pushed up against them, but pretty close to them.

but now, i'm pretty sure i have found my dream sofa. it's suitably small so i think it would fit in the room. it's crewel for chrissakes. it's a design by natalie lete, who purely by coincidence i blogged about the other day. but it has one small drawback: it's $3498 plus $250 in shipping. and i never buy new furniture (well, except for ikea). i've never remotely considered spending that kind of cash on a piece of furniture. hopefully, it will go on sale like other amelie sofas have in the past. it's not to everyone's taste. it came out last fall, so maybe soon? but even still, it won't be cheap. i don't know people who spend that kind of money on furniture. is it normal? is it crazy?

the other small drawback is that my sweet hub - while he's terribly indulgent of my design choices - he would really rather have a la-z-boy or those huge squadgy things people buy for their mcmansion media rooms. maybe it's good we don't have that kind of space! but is this a sofa for lounging, or just for admiring?? some of the reviews i've read said it was surprisingly comfortable.. and if i found an antique sofa that was anything like this (sans octopus of course), it would probably have bad springs and sawdust falling out..

this is to try to get an idea of what the sofa might look like in front of my bookshelves. although it might mean rethinking the vintage modern lighting and the striped velvet curtains. and the cowhide rug. and the dogs. (sigh) and we do live in a landlocked farmhouse - would this be absurd in a farmhouse? it is still my dream sofa, and i think it might be kind of awesome.


  1. I'm going to be dreaming about that sofa. Unbelievable!

  2. Hey Jere, I'm glad you posted on my blog. Last time I tried this one it said my invitation had expired. The sofa in your studio is lovely. Reminds me a bit of Mom's antique sofa. Hers is not very comfortable. We too do not own a sofa. Had one for awhile that we bought at auction. I loved it. It fit me perfectly meaning my feet touched the ground. Sadly a cat peed on it repeatedly and we had to take it to the dump. If I could get another just like it I would. Our house is small also and the gigantic furniture doesn't fit in through the door. I do have a lazy girl :-) recliner not stylish but it is my retreat to sit there in the winter time with cats and Bailey in my lap. Zoe thinks she is a lap dog but you should see her....definitely not lap sized anymore. I need to get some good shots of her that are more recent.

  3. oh if only we could have the pretty sofas and still please the understanding hubbies. :D We had to compromise and get one that went with the decor (what I preferred) BUT managed to find one that fit that bill while being a dual recliner loveseat. Not as fashionable as what I would have preferred, but someday I'll have larger rooms. :D good luck with you davenport venture.

  4. That's alot of scratch for a sofa.

    We went two years without a sofa because we thought it wouldn't fit in a living room with an 8x11 foot bookshelf. Being able to sit with my wife and dogs on a couch is well worth the money we spent.

    Think about the pooches.

  5. wow what a beautiful sofa! Just popping in to say helloe - I am a fellow fishie in Marisa's e-course. enjoyed reading your blog and I've always wanted to live on a farm...how wonderful! I look forward to reading more :-)

  6. thanks everyone for the feedback! and for not making me feel guilty for dreaming.

    i really doubt i will get this sofa, but i am newly inspired to thrift *hard* for a discounted dream sofa!

    denise, i didn't know you lost access - will you let me know if that ever happens again??

    michael, you are so right - every couch i've ever lived with has been doggified, and that's just exactly as it should be.

  7. That is one wild sofa :) Just wanted to pop by and say hello; fellow fishie; you might be able to find something that is a vintage frame and redo it for much less...but I digress.

    Nice to meet you and looking forward to getting to know you better :)

  8. I dream about expensive sofas all the time... it just has not become reality yet! But I agree with the previous poster, refurbish a vintage sofa if that is the look you want. Then you can choose some funky fabric. :)