so much for so little

i've been putting off doing my Happy 101 Blogger Award post even though i was thrilled to be tagged by mathyld! it's hard to think happy when down with the flu, and i have been fluish for days, and then yesterday when it hit me *hard*. but i'm up a little today and was looking over this wonderful granny basket i got at an estate sale last week.

do you ever find granny baskets? you know, the box or tray with some assortment of threads, tools, notes to self, and other odds and ends? probably just like one of your many little sewing tableaux but from another woman from a different era and her remnants and pieces of bygone projects. a good estate seller will not try and piece out each little item for pricing, but will price the whole kaboodle and cheap! luckily this one looked at this box and said "fifty cents."

so my no. 1 happy thought is granny baskets.

2. and good luck, perhaps helped along with some other tools...

3. i've been learning to size things up rather than taking them at face value.

4. randomness, like a marble hidden (stuck!) inside this tatting thread.

5. in the tradition of strong women, being able to take matters into one's own hands when necessary.

6. crafts, oh yes.

7. old things full of history and memory, and a healthy dose of humor.

8. friends, old and new, who take us with all our flaws. (poor ricky's hand was sewn back on rather strangely.. he was not a resident of the granny basket - he was a find of my mom's.)

9. having guides along the path, especially my sweet hub and my beautiful mother. (and i just signed up for an e-course! In the fish bowl.)

10. grace, something i don't credit nearly often enough.

and if you have gotten this far, you are officially tagged!! really, it feels good. write ten things that make you happy - and knowing that some of my sweet friends don't blog, you can leave them in the comments here..


  1. I loved it, so good !

    Also : "Ricky's hand" ?! I gasped !
    A reference to Fad -aceness- Gadget ? Or am I simply over-obsessed by this guy (one of the three Gods of my Musical Holy Trinity) ?

    Any way, I am so glad we met ... One other thing that makes me happy : blog friends.
    How magical is that ?

    x x x

  2. haha mathyld!! it took me some googling to decipher this, but now i see!!

    "Ricky contravened the highway code
    The hand lies severed at the side of the road
    Ricky's hand
    Ricky's hand"

    my mom says that this doll is "little Ricky," Lucy & Desi's baby. she got him on eBay for very little due to his hand repair. maybe his former owner was obsessed too?! surely this must be part of this doll's history - or at least it is now!!

    you are a magical blog friend, m'dear :)

  3. Incredible !
    This is quite eerie, in a very very good way !!!

    And I love the hand-sewing : it looks like barbwire ...
    x x x

  4. Hi, i was so happy to see you'v enroled in the fishbowl e-course. Let's have a great time! And the granny box is truly magical. And only for 50 cents, WOW, lucky you!!!

  5. Oh these are all great, they made me smile! I have one "granny basket" it belonged to my great grandmother. I thought that was a drawn on tattoo, the sewing is even weirder. Nice to "meet" you, I'm a fellow fishie!

  6. beautiful photos! it's nice to meet you (i'm in the fishbowl). your blog is beautiful, and i do think we may have been separated at birth. looking forward to getting to know you : )

    thank you for your comment on my blog. i do also love that last photo of coco. we were lucky to capture it.


  7. Hello! We are in the fish bowl e-course together. I wanted to drop by and check out your site. I love it here! You have some cool things going on! This post was good....makes ya stop and think about where ya came from and who influenced you. It made me think about all of the memories that I have with my "granny" stuff!- Thanks. C-ya in the fishbowl....Kim

  8. this is a lovely tag :) I will do it but probably later in the week. Love # 10 especially. I am guilty of that too.

    enjoy your course!