i was trying to think of something for my anna sheffield locket from target, which i love..

and i thought i'd try some more hair embroidery. is anyone else fascinated with victorian hair jewelry?

this is my mom's hair. i spun it and embroidered it on linen. it's messy but i like it. i might do something on the other side, not sure yet.

these are some tiny photos - about two inches square irl - i found ages ago at an estate sale...


  1. I just love found photos. I didn't know you could do that with hair, really interesting. I love your little milk glass dish too.

  2. Wow! Spun hair? How neat and well, different! I love the locket too what a wonderful idea. And those photos are so wonderful I love old photos as well ;-)

  3. I love what you've made.
    And I love that you made it with your mother's hair.
    So very Romantic / Victorian of you :)

    x x x