that pastoral paradise i've always dreamed of

I felt like I'd found it today. I finally tried to sort through and skirt the wool from my sheeps. It was such a beautiful day to be outside lazily picking hay out of wool.

This is Gabbie's brown and black fleece. Part of my homework for the master spinner's certificate is to spin fleece from each part of the sheep, so I tried to lay it all out in one piece.

I love her primitive sort of wool.

This is Georgie's grey "katmoget" fleece. It is stunning.

LOVE the tipped locks and they have a good crimp, too.

The dogs got into Greta's fleece while it was still in the barn (horrors). They rolled around in it and got hay all up in it. My friend Sue said I could bring it over and run it through her picker.

It's totally worth the effort, with its color (called "mioget") and its length!

Henry kept me company. He hopped and sniffed and chilled. Isn't he a handsome boy?


  1. How did you manage to cut the ZZ-Top members' beards ?!

    I am sorry I couldn't resist to write it again here :)

    Henry is gorgeous ! I have such a soft spot for rodents. They are my favourite animals.
    What a dream day !

    x x x

  2. Thanks for sharing the beginning of you project. I'd love to see it when it's finished. It's so cool you are going to be a master spinner.

  3. I'm loving seeing this process! What is to come of it all? Are you selling it or using it yourself?

  4. hii!
    mathyld you are so funny!! i bet i could spin some cool stuff out of ZZ top beards!

    thanks kristy for stopping by - i'll be sure to keep posting as i work with the wool! i'm not so sure i'll ever be a master spinner, i am just doing level one this year with some local women, but there are six levels before you're a master!! ack!

    amber, i'm not really sure what i'll do with it all. i've sold some yarns on etsy before, but i'm not sure yet if i want to sell fiber on etsy, and if so, whether to focus on yarns, batts, or finished items like hats, mitts, etc? i love working with it and i have a big backlog of materials, so maybe! it's hard to think of this when it's so warm out, and plus i'm more of a process knitter - when i try to do a lot of production it doesn't work. my husband has already said he wants a sweater made out of georgie's wool, and that alone will take me a long time! if you have any thoughts on this, i'd love to hear!

    i have made some really beautiful mitts for friends out of the bunny fiber and i'll probably list some of those when it gets cold again.

  5. You are so lucky to have wool bearing animals. You have my dream life.