thrifting is serious business

this is classic us. i've been watching a lot of american pickers, and i think mum and i would make a rad picking duo. wouldn't that be such a fun life?

i was thinking of getting this wood bellows. i passed it up, and now i regretsy. it's very important to keep the fire gods happy, but winter has passed, and i wasn't loving the gold eagle..

until i saw these pics, i had no idea my roots were so bad, and why oh why are my cheeks all red? so much excitement i guess. i think this was taken soon after the great potato heist.


  1. Oh dear ... My mum & I are garage-sales rats !!!
    Ha ! We are the same :)
    x x x

  2. looks like great fun! I like poking around like that too. I don't haul any of it home anymore since our house is full of old stuff.

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog so I would find yours! You and your mom are great characters, I can tell - and I love the dark roots :)