paranormal report

when sarah went into the hotel the other day, the bathroom mirror had fallen and shattered. but strangely, it was on the floor face-up, with all shards nearly in place. as if someone (?) had thrown it down. is this physically possible? i only hope the ghosts are not angry.


  1. I think the ghosts are just p*ssed up because they won't be able to get a free haircut in the night-time ;)
    But they'll soon discover the beauty of crafts and will be hooked and in love with HHStudios !
    x x x

  2. Might be worth leaving them a nice card, explaining that you just want to be friends.
    And maybe a cupcake as well.

    Wouldn't do any harm.

  3. i will make them some ghostie red velvet cupcakes!

  4. sounds pretty scary..i would be freaked out...