my deconstructed fox, and other sexy things

he's hand stitched with embroidery floss, tatting thread, and handspun (Obama) llama, and i added some vintage silk and felt applique.

btw, check out our new website for hotel hadley studios! i still don't have the artists' pages built out yet. i was up most of last night with it and am in love with wordpress. but i'm not changing blogs again, nonono.

and joetta just posted an announcement of the artists selected for the "from the tongue" show. the work she chose for the exhibition card by bren ahearn is so incredible - check it out on the sidebar. it's bound to be an amazing show.


  1. Your fox is really lovely. It took me a while to realize the third shot is the reverse. I took the deconstruction literally and thought that you had pulled the threads until I took a closer look at the color patterns. You are doing beautiful work.

  2. he is saying, "thank you, thank you very much"