i'm feeling so stressed lately, and tired. i know it's that i'm forgetting to eat. and i'm not used to juggling so much. i've become so accustomed to the quiet, simple life, but i'm usually energized by new ventures. at least i can spin, which always centers me. this is new tailspun yarn and the beginnings of a shrug, or little sweater, depending..


  1. love the wild untamed nature of the fleece, yarn and sweater/shrug! you always inspire me jere!

  2. Love it ! It's looking almost "alive" !
    And don't forget to eat ! Look at the little magic veggie book !!!

    I'm working like a crazy old bean : I don't know how to get focused on one thing and keep jumping from one to the other ...

    x x x

  3. It's like finding pictures in the clouds. I see a kitty in the last picture. Hope the preps for your opening are going well.