cross-stitch vs embroidery! and other news..

i am getting bored with cross-stitch. it's a large piece, so that's part of it, and i do love always having something to stitch on. still, it's very different from embroidery, which i can do a bit more free-form and experiment along the way. i usually have a loose plan, but still always mess with the stitches and colors and that's very satisfying. i can't imagine doing that with cross-stitch - it seems to need to be planned out at the beginning, so that the creative process is all on the front end. then the stitching is just stitching. does anyone else experience it differently??

*it's funny too that cross-stitch seems to get such a bad rap! i've already had a few people moan when i mentioned it! i am finding myself groaning just a little when i think of doing the second piece i had planned... i haven't noticed that with embroidery...

x - x - x

i had a wonderful visit yesterday when jeana came through town! she is even more beautiful and sincere in person as on her blog, and her daughters are precious! i just wanted to squeeze them and get them to talk more in those adorable aussie accents. i know we'll be even better friends now that we've met in person. i wish we had remembered to take some pics of us together!! thanks so much for coming, jeana!!

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then i rearranged all my studio stuff into the front room at the hotel, next to kristy. i had resisted since i love the upstairs space so much (i'll still use it for photographs) but the heat finally kicked my ass. this will be much less private since it's downstairs and a storefront, so i will have company, but so far it felt much more comfy, less scattered.

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and i decided to sell my majacraft wheel, having completely converted to spinolution... not as beautiful, but more comfortable for me (which seems to be a theme in my life these days!)

oh fantine, i'll miss you, but we will find you the perfect home!


  1. i like to cross stitch smaller things in between larger projects. perfect for tv half-watching, brain release.

  2. I want to come and visit you, too ...
    Oh, no ... I can't believe you're letting Fantine go ... She's so beautiful ...

    What I dislike with X stitch is the fact that you always have to count ... Urgh !
    I love to let my hand & spirit go with the flow ... And be surprised at what they can create together.
    x x x

  3. Oh hi! I just loved meeting you, and thanks for showing me around your studio {and for the coffee, did I ever say thank you for that? I hope so!}. Very glad you were able to set up a comfortable space for yourself :)

    I think I agree with everything you've said about cross stitch. I myself have just never had the fortitude to take on piece completely in cross stitch (probably for the idea of tedious planning) but I do like the look/appreciate of the old-style samplers and modern versions thereof. Can't wait to see more of what you're doing!


  4. Where are you listing the wheel? I'm in a shopping mood.

  5. ha! on ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/used-tools--equipment-classifieds/1213101/1-25#6

    if you want her though, i'd have to make a special deal! i would so *love* her to go to you!!!

  6. If you don't sell it by Halloween, I'll buy it. I really want you to get a chance to get your cash back at your asking price.

    By October, I should be far enough into my portait project that I'll be able to trade for a portion of the cash. Win--win. If you sell before then, I can still do a portrait and maybe trade wool/fleece if you really want to own it when it's done.

    You can email you thoughts on this to me if you want: alexcateye@msn.com!